The decision between 3CX hosted and on-premise installation becomes important as companies depend more and more on cutting-edge communication solutions to boost efficiency and simplify operations. One of the top suppliers of Unified Communications (UC) solutions, 3CX can meet a wide range of business demands with its hosted and on-premise options. We’ll analyze the main distinctions between 3CX Hosted vs On-Premise deployments in this thorough comparison to assist you in selecting a choice that meets the requirements of the business you represent.

Comprehending 3CX Hosted and On-Premise Installation

Let us explain the key distinctions between 3CX Hosted and On-premise implementations:

3CX Hosted 

This option places your phone system in the cloud, usually on servers run by a reputable third-party hosting company or the 3CX provider. Scalability, flexibility, and lower upfront costs are provided by this option because hardware infrastructure doesn’t need to be purchased.

3CX On-Premise

On the other hand, 3CX on-premise involves integrating the phone system into the infrastructure of your company. To host the 3CX software on-site, you’ll need to buy and maintain the servers and other hardware. Although this option offers more customization and control, it comes with a higher initial cost and requires more constant upkeep.

Let’s Explore the Comaprision in More Details


3CX Hosted
When your phone system is hosted in the cloud, you usually pay a monthly fee per user or extension under a subscription-based pricing model. In addition to doing away with the need for upfront hardware purchases, this model might also come with automatic updates and support.
3CX On-Premise
On-premise installations necessitate a one-time financial outlay for hardware infrastructure, such as servers, networking hardware, and potential licenses. There aren’t any recurring membership fees, but there will eventually be maintenance and upgrade expenses.


3CX Hosted
Hosted solutions provide on-demand scalability, making it simple to add or remove users and increase capacity as your company expands. Infrastructure scalability is usually handled by providers, who guarantee uninterrupted operation during peak times.
3CX On-Premise
On-premise deployments allow for resource scalability, but they may require additional hardware configuration and purchases. Your infrastructure’s capacity may be a limiting factor in scaling, therefore careful planning is needed to minimize interruptions.

Support & Maintenance

3CX Hosted
As part of the service package, hosted solutions frequently include updates, support, and maintenance. Your IT staff will have less work to do because providers take care of infrastructure management, software updates, and technical support.
3CX On-Premise
In-house maintenance and support, such as routine updates, troubleshooting, and system management, are necessary for on-premise installations.  Even though you have more control over your infrastructure, you must maintain its security and dependability.

Customization & Control

3CX Hosted
In comparison to on-premise deployments, hosted solutions might provide fewer customization choices. You have some control over user permissions and settings, but not over the underlying infrastructure or software customization.
3CX On-Premise
On-premise installation gives you the most flexibility and control over customization, enabling you to mold the system to meet your unique needs. Adapting to the requirements of your company, you can optimize performance, apply modifications, and integrate third-party apps.

Compliance & Security

3CX Hosted
Hosted solutions usually follow the strictest security guidelines and compliance specifications in the business. To safeguard sensitive data, providers put strong security measures in place, such as firewalls, data encryption, and frequent security audits.
3CX On-Premise
Installations on-premise provide you with complete control over compliance guidelines and security measures. To guarantee compliance with regulations and protect sensitive information, you can put in place personalized security procedures, access limits, and data encryption.

How to Choose Between 3CX Hosted or On-Premise

A company’s current infrastructure and resources play a major role in selecting between an on-premise and hosted or cloud-based solution. Choosing an on-premise PBX makes sense if your company already has a strong infrastructure that includes servers, network, security, and power, and you are happy to use these for communication. It’s important to remember that, even with a third-party support and maintenance package, you’ll still need a backup IT administrator to maintain the PBX and take care of regular duties. 

A hosted or cloud solution is a desirable alternative for individuals who want to simplify the allocation of resources for the management of these services. Here, the most important thing to think about is how much control you want to have over your communication system. A hosted solution gives your business the chance to outsource hardware and infrastructure needs while keeping control over PBX data and settings, provided that your team has the requisite training and experience to manage and operate a software PBX. Furthermore, having access to the internet is essential for making this choice. Even though the majority of businesses have access to fast internet, those located in areas with poor connectivity may find that an on-premise solution is more dependable.


In conclusion, a variety of factors, such as cost considerations, scalability requirements, control preferences, and security considerations, influence the decision between 3CX hosted and on-premise installations.  While on-premise implementations offer more control, customization options, and security guarantees, hosted solutions offer flexibility, scalability, and lower upfront costs. You can choose the best deployment option that supports your long-term business goals by carefully assessing the needs and priorities of your company.

To get the most out of your communication solution investment, regardless of whether you choose 3CX hosted or on-premise, you must collaborate with a reliable supplier or certified reseller who can provide knowledgeable advice, help with implementation, and continuous support.

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