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Contact Center Software

Introducing our new customer support software! It helps your customers solve problems faster. With this software, your customers can easily reach you through different channels like phone, email, and chat. It’s simple to use and doesn’t cost much. This will help you build better relationships with your customers.

Contact Center Software
Contact Center Software

Contact Center Software

Present a customer support software that supports multiple channels, improving your customers’ journey through efficient problem-solving technology. Foster stronger connections by providing an accessible and cost-effective contact center solution that is easy to use.

  • Workflow Simplification
  • Streamlining Support
  • Automation

Harness the Unrivaled Capabilities of The Telephony Co Contact Center

2000+ Concurrent Calls

50,00+ Extensions

3rd Party Integration

Product Customization

Roburst & Secure

Elevate your Customer Interactions to the Next Level

Immerse yourself in a seamless customer experience with our feature-packed contact center software. The Telephony Co CC omnichannel capabilities, powered by advanced technology, efficiently resolve diverse customer issues while tracking their engagements. Elevate your understanding of customer interactions and performance metrics using the premier contact center management software. This intelligent, secure, and adaptable solution is deployable on the cloud or on-premise, offering flexibility to match your business requirements.

Contact Center Software

Key Attributes of Contact Center Software

Predictive Dialer

Tailored for businesses managing high call volumes, our predictive dialer employs advanced algorithms to enhance productivity.

Skill-Based Routing

Boost customer engagement by implementing skill-based call routing, directing calls to agents with the expertise matching customer needs.

Automatic Call Distribution

This feature efficiently manages and sorts a substantial influx of incoming calls, promoting a balanced distribution of customer calls among contact center agents.

WebRTC Phone

Featuring a built-in web phone powered by WebRTC technology, users can securely connect using widely-used desktop/laptop browsers instead of relying on a dedicated office phone device.

Auto Dialer

Auto-dialers play a pivotal role in elevating phone support, facilitating smooth call redirection to the next available agent. Through automation, the calling process for the customer support team is optimized, resulting in heightened productivity.

Single Tenant & Multi Tenant

Explore powerful single-tenant and multi-tenant features for your contact center, allowing customization based on security, budget, and growth needs.


Multilevel IVR

Drive superior efficiency and personalized interactions through smart multi-level interactive voice response features and thoughtfully designed call flows.

Real-Time Analytics & Reports

Revolutionize your customer experience by monitoring and analyzing all interactions using advanced reporting, live call monitoring, and a campaign dashboard.

Integrate PBX With Your Choice Of CRM

Zoho Integration

Seamless integration enhancing communication. Streamline CRM workflows, optimize client interactions, and elevate productivity with unified solutions.

HubSpot Integrations

Perfect synergy for communication. Enhance CRM efficiency, elevate customer engagements, and unify your business processes effortlessly.

SalesForce Integrations

Integrated excellence for communications. Supercharge CRM capabilities, enrich customer relations, and drive productivity with seamless synergy.

LeadSquarred Integrations

Boosting lead management. Enhance communication, nurture prospects, and convert efficiently with synchronized telephony and CRM.

Odoo Integrations

Seamless integration for empowered communication. Enhance client engagement, streamline processes, and bolster sales performance effortlessly.

Freshworks Integrations

Streamlined communication meets CRM. Elevate customer experiences, optimize workflows, and achieve unmatched synergy with integrated solutions.

Sugar Integrations

Communication refined. Maximize CRM potential, foster client relationships, and ensure seamless collaboration with integrated telephony brilliance.

ZenDesk Integrations

Elevating customer support seamlessly. Integrate telephony with ticketing, enhance agent efficiency, and deliver unparalleled service experiences.

Bitrix24 Integrations

Revitalize sales operations: Streamline communication, refine deal management, and foster lead growth with harmonized efficiency.

Unlock the ease of setup, maintenance, and use in contact center software

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