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The Telephony Co PBX Phone System

Take control of your communication with our feature-rich PBX phone system. Elevate your business voice today.

PBX Phone System

What is PBX Phone System

In business communication, PBX phone systems serve as essential tools, providing the infrastructure for seamless internal and external communication. But what is a PBX phone system

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. Essentially, it’s a private telephone network used within a company or organization. Unlike traditional phone systems that rely on individual lines for each user, PBX systems route calls internally, allowing for shared access to external phone lines. This means that multiple users within an organization can make calls simultaneously without the need for separate lines for each user.

One of the key features of a PBX system is its ability to handle various communication tasks such as call routing, transferring, voicemail, and more. It acts as a central hub, managing incoming and outgoing calls efficiently. There are different types of PBX systems available, including traditional hardware-based systems and more modern cloud-based solutions. Traditional PBX systems require physical hardware to be installed on-site, whereas cloud-based PBX systems operate over the Internet, offering greater flexibility and scalability.

The benefits of implementing a PBX phone system are numerous. Firstly, it simplifies communication within the organization, enabling employees to connect seamlessly with each other and with external contacts. Secondly, it can reduce communication costs by utilizing shared lines and providing features like call forwarding and voicemail.

PBX Phone System

Explore powerful internet telephony enhanced by cutting-edge technology

The Telephony Co.’s IP phone software streamlines your communication workflows for uninterrupted connectivity, resulting in increased efficiency. With our most advanced IP phone software, which offers numerous features and strong security measures for the best possible communication experiences, you can stay ahead of the curve in the digital age.

With modern IP phone software from The Telephony Co., you can easily adjust to the changing communication technology needs while maintaining a smooth blend of power, security, and advanced functions. Raise the bar for communication standards right now.

Unlocking the Unmatched Power of PBX

2000+ Concurrent Calls

50,000+ Extensions

3rd Party Integration

Product Customization

Roburst & Secure

Why Choose The Telephony Co PBX Phone System

Rising as a top supplier of PBX phone systems that are carefully constructed to fit the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes. The Telephony Co. with its incomparable features and functionalities, our system has been designed to maximize the efficiency of your communication infrastructure. The Telephony Co. stands out as:

  • Give your clients access to hosted services from The Telephony Co., whether they are hosted in the cloud or installed locally.
  • With our VoIP PBX software, you can maximize the capabilities of your business and achieve higher levels of success by meeting the demands of both single and multiple tenants.
  • With The Telephony Co., you can easily access a wide range of advanced functions, such as auto attendants, call forwarding, IVR systems, inbound and outgoing dialing, and more.
  • For best call routing, implement Least Cost Routing with diligence.
  • For increased efficiency, seamlessly integrate with payment gateways and CRM.
PBX Phone System

Highlights Features of PBX Software


By providing hosted services on our servers, you can increase your revenue streams.

Prepaid & Postpaid Billing

Invoice your customers more efficiently by offering both Postpaid and Prepaid options.

Auto Provisioning

Set up IP phones from major brands remotely with ease and from any location for seamless provisioning.

Payment Gateway Integration

With integrated payment gateways like InstaMojo, RazorPay, and CCAvenue to process efficient payments, you can take advantage of seamless transaction processing.

Least Cost Routing (LCR)

Take advantage of The Telephony Co. to optimize Call Routing and cut costs by choosing the most economical providers.

BLF & Presence

By configuring IP phones’ BLF (Busy Lamp Field) function keys, you can increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.

Audio Conference

To guarantee the highest possible attendance, schedule board meetings, sales meetings, and training at convenient times.

Real-Time Analytics

Get real-time insights to empower and confidently make informed decisions.

Hosted IP PBX Software

By providing hosted services to your clients, you can increase the efficiency of your business.

Platform Features

Increase local communication with a multilingual platform and build brand equity with a multi-tenant model.

100% Voice Logging

Record all calls automatically so that customer and agent interactions can be accessed and reviewed at a later time.


Through our call authentication framework, you can ensure that the caller ID details are legitimate, prevent spoof calls, and uphold trust.

Integrate PBX With Your Choice Of CRM

Zoho Integration

Seamless integration enhancing communication. Streamline CRM workflows, optimize client interactions, and elevate productivity with unified solutions.

HubSpot Integrations

Perfect synergy for communication. Enhance CRM efficiency, elevate customer engagements, and unify your business processes effortlessly.

SalesForce Integrations

Integrated excellence for communications. Supercharge CRM capabilities, enrich customer relations, and drive productivity with seamless synergy.

LeadSquarred Integrations

Boosting lead management. Enhance communication, nurture prospects, and convert efficiently with synchronized telephony and CRM.

Odoo Integrations

Seamless integration for empowered communication. Enhance client engagement, streamline processes, and bolster sales performance effortlessly.

Freshworks Integrations

Streamlined communication meets CRM. Elevate customer experiences, optimize workflows, and achieve unmatched synergy with integrated solutions.

Sugar Integrations

Communication refined. Maximize CRM potential, foster client relationships, and ensure seamless collaboration with integrated telephony brilliance.

ZenDesk Integrations

Elevating customer support seamlessly. Integrate telephony with ticketing, enhance agent efficiency, and deliver unparalleled service experiences.

Bitrix24 Integrations

Revitalize sales operations: Streamline communication, refine deal management, and foster lead growth with harmonized efficiency.

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