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Boost your global presence effortlessly by purchasing local, national and international toll-free numbers directly through the portal.

Toll-Free Numbers

Local Phone Number & Global Phone Numbers

We have Business Numbers where you need to be

In today’s globalized business landscape, customers and employees span multiple continents. Partnering with a licensed carrier amplifies your access to an extensive collection of local, toll-free, and national numbers, bolstering your international presence and improving customer experience.

Telephony operates as a direct partner with carriers in over 30 countries, offering millions of local numbers. Utilize our user-friendly portal for swift number searches and provisioning, ensuring a rapid start.

One Right Number can Change Your Business Profit Numbers

Toll-Free Numbers

Offering toll-free numbers to businesses, enhancing customer interactions, boosting brand image, and ensuring seamless communication. Affordable plans, easy setup, and 24/7 support included.

Local Numbers

Providing local phone numbers for businesses, promoting regional presence, fostering trust, and facilitating easy client connections. Customizable options, quick activation, and dedicated support available.

Virtual Phone Number

Selling virtual phone numbers for versatile business communications. Enables global reach, SMS integration, and call forwarding. Tailored solutions with swift activation and robust customer assistance.

Vanity Numbers

Specializing in vanity number sales to boost brand recognition and recall. Customized, memorable digits that elevate marketing efforts. Quick acquisition, competitive pricing, and dedicated customer support.

Go Local With Your Global Customers Get an International Phone Number

The Telephony Co. offers exceptional global connectivity (with international 1800 Toll Free numbers) to bridge businesses with their worldwide clientele. With international toll-free numbers spanning countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and beyond, we’re set to redefine communications. Our telecommunication solutions empower businesses with HD VoIP networks, allowing customers to reach out without cost, enhancing the brand’s reputation, and converting potential prospects into actionable leads

Strengthen your global presence with our National & international toll-free numbers

Integrate PBX With Your Choice Of CRM

Zoho Integration

Seamless integration enhancing communication. Streamline CRM workflows, optimize client interactions, and elevate productivity with unified solutions.

HubSpot Integrations

Perfect synergy for communication. Enhance CRM efficiency, elevate customer engagements, and unify your business processes effortlessly.

SalesForce Integrations

Integrated excellence for communications. Supercharge CRM capabilities, enrich customer relations, and drive productivity with seamless synergy.

LeadSquarred Integrations

Boosting lead management. Enhance communication, nurture prospects, and convert efficiently with synchronized telephony and CRM.

Odoo Integrations

Seamless integration for empowered communication. Enhance client engagement, streamline processes, and bolster sales performance effortlessly.

Freshworks Integrations

Streamlined communication meets CRM. Elevate customer experiences, optimize workflows, and achieve unmatched synergy with integrated solutions.

Sugar Integrations

Communication refined. Maximize CRM potential, foster client relationships, and ensure seamless collaboration with integrated telephony brilliance.

ZenDesk Integrations

Elevating customer support seamlessly. Integrate telephony with ticketing, enhance agent efficiency, and deliver unparalleled service experiences.

Bitrix24 Integrations

Revitalize sales operations: Streamline communication, refine deal management, and foster lead growth with harmonized efficiency.

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